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About Us

A little bit about myself and the idea behind NatureCuts.  I am a mama to two beautiful little girls! I have been lucky enough to stay at home and share in so many precious moments with my girls and hope to extend this by branching out and opening my new online store NatureCuts.

The idea for NatureCuts comes from my love of all things nature.  I am an at home business currently based in New London, WI and travel "Up North" on the weekends.  My background is in Conservation and Environmental Sciences, after spending some time at the University of Hawaii Pacific and then returning to the University of Milwaukee Wisconsin to finish up my BS.  I strive to create tags that feature all aspects of the natural world.

The focal point of all my shapes and tags are centered around nature.  I feature collections in Animals & Tracks, Trees Leaves & Flowers, Ocean Creatures & Fish, Cats & Dogs, Weather, Space, Geography/Geology, and Not so Natural.  With over 700!! different shapes and growing all the time.

I am always happy to take custom requests and work with you to create unique orders that best fit your needs!